Pink Custard by Exceptional Vapes

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4 Responses

  1. Vaping Train says:

    WOW that sounds so delicious! custard vapes are some my favorites vapes especially when added a little fruit. Would really like to try an apple pie and custard ejuice if someone has created it yet!
    Great review EJR

    • admin says:

      Cheers VT, I’ve got an apple pie and custard DIY but I make the custard with a good few flavourings and it takes weeks to steep properly. It’s a good juice but I don’t make much cause of the wait. I prefer to opt for Apple Pie and Ice-Cream, only a few weeks for that to steep.

  2. VapingTrain says:

    Can you send me the recipe for that apple pie and custard, i’m going to start doing DIY ejuices, i’ve made up some one shots from the Brews Bros that turned out very well.

    • admin says:

      I’ve got the apple pie and ice cream which I’ll DM you on Twitter with. The Apple Pie and Custard I will need to put together in a word doc. You could just add some Capella V1 Custard to the Ice Cream recipe for now, that would work well.

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