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Wick Liquor E-liquids 0

The Wick Liquor Range

Here is another range of E-liquids in a review today, and this is from UK brand; Wick Liquor. This 5 bottle range was supplied by popular vape vendor; E-Cigarette Direct. They have a website...


Cast-away Coconut by Vape Dodo

Today, we’re reviewing another in the line from a UK company. This one is Cast-away Coconut by Vape Dodo. This is number 3 in a current 4 E-liquid line (soon to be 5). Vape...


Tropi-Bongo by Decadent Vapours

Today I’m having a vape on another from the latest line of e-liquid from the same company as Tuesday’s review. This one is Tropi-Bongo by Decadent Vapours. Decadent are a UK company based in...